24 07, 2015

15 Minutes Can Save Your Life

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Let's talk. How often are you conducting a self breast examination? Or at all? For both women AND men - it's important to know the symptoms of breast cancer and what to look for. It's time to take charge health. Perform A  Monthly Breast Self-Examination Once a month, every month, without fail, set aside 15 minutes [...]

17 06, 2015

Share Your #iGoPinkHealth Tips!

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Share your tips with us on how you make healthy choices and take steps to prevent, battle, and survive cancer! STEP 1: SUBMIT a photo and add a description below OR use the #iGoPinkHealth hashtag and tag us when posting a photo on Instagram or Twitter. STEP 2: SHARE your entry with your friends and ask [...]

15 01, 2015

Breast Cancer Help USA – Foods for Breast Cancer Prevention

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The following foods, in particular, may offer nutrients that promote better breast health and boost your immune system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITICQsTu8AQ&feature=youtu.be Making wise nutritional choices is one of the best defenses against breast cancer. Download our Healthy Eating Grocery List here www.thebreastcancercharities.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/BCCA-GROCERY-LIST.pdf to help you at the store!

6 05, 2014

10 Ways to Get Your Daily Vitamin D

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Here at The Breast Cancer Charities of America, we love to educate on breast cancer prevention. One fact that we tell women is researchers have found that women, who are vitamin D deficient, have a 222% increased risk for developing breast cancer.  It's important to get your daily dose of vitamin D, so here are 10 ways [...]

22 01, 2014

PRESS Forward Against Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA) exists for one reason—to eliminate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease.  Our central focus is on educating, empowering and encouraging all women to become pro-active in preventing breast cancer and, if diagnosed, in surviving breast cancer. We offer leading edge, state-of-the-art, research-backed programs that focus on all that women [...]

24 03, 2010

Wellness Wednesday: 7 Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

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By Brandi Koskie and Jason Knapfel - DietsInReview.com Provided by www.shine.com There are a number of ways you can be an active part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, including wearing a pink ribbon, participating in events, or making a donation to a related organization. However, it can be an even better idea to take steps [...]

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