3 Spring Trends to Try

Spring Trends I Love


It’s spring!  Y’all seriously don’t know how excited I am. Spring is my favorite season of the year. The time before it hits 1,000 degrees (not literally, but it gets SO hot in Texas). Also, because snow cones are about ready to come back and your girl can NOT wait! Snow cones are my absolute favorite and I could probably eat 3 of them a day without batting an eye.

I’m on a bit of a pastel color binge right now. Nail polish, jewelry, shoes, and tops. Notice I did not list pants because jeans other than blue or black do not compliment me (just being honest lol). So, It’s the time to put away your winter wardrobe and accessories and pull out all that spring bling!

Here are a few of my current must have spring items to compliment you throughout the season and even into summer 😊


Steve Madden blue suede heels-

Okay, okay. I have to give credit to my lovely coworker Tori for putting me on these shoes! I found these for a steal at our local TJMaxx during lunch break. (yes, we frequently shop on our lunch break lol) First, these shoes are SO comfy! Who doesn’t love a comfy heel? They are the perfect heel for any spring time look! Pair them with jeans and a cute top, or dress them up with a floral print dress and BAM! You’ll be turning heads and receiving compliments all day 😉


Gold jewelry-

This is a bit of a wider category but I’m all about dainty gold jewelry right now. I used to think it was tacky but, I would just like to apologize for my past self and say I didn’t know what I was thinking. I’m not the one who goes all out with a huge statement jewelry piece. I like to keep I pretty plain and simple. Throw on a pair of earrings and a choker and my outfit is set!


Nail inspo-

If we ever had to do a time study of what we spend the most time on our phones doing, mine would be Pinterest without a doubt. I’d probably be slightly ashamed at the hours calculated so I’m hoping we never have to *que in nervous laughing*. My current nail color obsession started while we were still in winter but I don’t care because I couldn’t wait for spring so I just got a jump start! Pastel colors are what I’m all about and I don’t see it ending any time soon. I’ve gone from pastel pink, to a peach, to my all-time favorite, pastel blue! Why have I never ventured out to these colors before now? I’m not sure but, I can say I’m done with the black nail and regular white tip look for a good while.



There are hundreds of other things I could list, but I probably shouldn’t or this blog will turn into a book.

Go all out for spring! Try a new look, try a new nail color. Wear lots of floral print! I love it more than I honestly should but there is no shame in my floral print game.



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