Small Steps, Big Changes

Small Steps, Big Changes

The first month of 2017 of is coming to an end and for the first time I can say that I’ve stuck to the resolutions I made this year.

Every year I’ve made resolutions and every year I’ve given up by the second week in. But after the roller coaster year that was 2016, I decided to make simpler lifestyle changes. This year my resolution was to be a little better, do a little more, push myself a little harder, be nicer, and love a whole lot more.

Nothing over the top, nothing crazy, right?

I started by making healthier food choices. Small things like switching from vegetable oil to coconut oil, adding more greens to my diet, trying new vegetables (btw, I never knew how much I loved zucchini and bell peppers!) and choosing water instead of sodas or sugar filled drinks. Cooking a healthy dinner instead of grabbing fast food has made a huge difference. Not only on me but a positive impact on my family, too! We’ve all noticed that we have more energy and don’t feel so bloated and sluggish.  Another plus to living a healthier lifestyle has been my skin! It has been looking extra clear and a girl cannot complain!

Second, I decided to push myself to be more active. It’s difficult to find time to go to the gym when I leave work. I just left work and now I have to go work more?! By 10PM I am EXHAUSTED and don’t feel like doing anything but curling up in bed and watching an episode of Reign on Netflix. So I started waking up 30 minutes earlier in the morning and getting in an easy, but effective, at home workout that I found on Pinterest and can do from the comfort of my bedroom floor. Check them out below, you might find them helpful too!

“8 Minute Abs”

“15 Minutes to Build That Booty”

Another thing I found effective is cleaning your home with heels on. Having an (almost) two year old and a 15 year old in my house, I literally clean every day of the week.  My house will never stay clean and that is something I’ve come to except. Last Saturday I threw on some heels and proceeded to sweep, mop, vacuum, do the dishes, do laundry and pick up what felt like at least 500 toys off the floor. By the time I was done I was drenched in sweat and my legs were definitely feeling the burn!!

Last, but certainly not least, I want to love more this year. Being in a six year relationship, with a daughter and the stress of work and everyday life, romance isn’t always on the top of either of our lists. Reminding my family and friends that I love and cherish them tends to be something that is often forgot. Simple things like showing interest in the show my husband is watching, giving him a back rub or just being extra cuddly at bed time can make all the difference. I want to make more of an effort to spend time with my friends, whether we are going out to lunch, getting pedicures or just lounging around at one of our houses while eating snacks and watching Netflix. Going to my mom’s house on Sunday to barbecque and watch a movie, or making time to attend her new church (which I have yet to do so if you’re reading this mom, this Sunday FORSURE.)

No matter what it is I do, I just try to remember to make more of an effort for myself and those I love. Even when I’m moody, even when I’m stressed, even when I’m so tired and just want to ignore everyone and binge watch Netflix all weekend. We are only given one life; why not make the absolute best of it? In all things I do this year and the years to follow, I will push myself to give 110 percent. I hope you all do the same!

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