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                  Holiday season is busy and fast-paced and before you know it 2016 will be just a distant memory. Closing out the year is the perfect opportunity to touch base with the people in your life who you don’t connect with in your day to day life. A great way to reach out is by sending some joy to people who are a part of your life with a Christmas card!

                  Christmas cards are your chance to show those family members who live far away that you still think about them, to keep old friends in the loop, and send some extra joy and merriment to your closest loved ones. I love Christmas cards, they’re fun, show personality, and who doesn’t love receiving mail that’s not bills!?

                  This was my first year to be an adult and send Christmas cards as our new family! I didn’t know where to begin. I searched high and low online for the perfect card (which also had to double as wedding thank-you’s this year). It can be hard to pick a perfect card, especially with so many cute options.

                  When I was choosing, I knew I wanted to incorporate a photo from our wedding. You may want to include a family portrait (fur babies and all) or a specific color scheme and messages. Before you even start looking it is good to have an idea of the basics you want to have in your joyful greeting, then you can filter when looking at the different card sites.

                  Also have a price point in mind. This year my husband and I have to send about 150 cards, but I’m sure in the next year that number will go down. I knew I had to find the right price per card, or Santa would be filling our puppies’ stockings with dust bunnies. Be sure to find (and jump on) huge deals. We ordered our cards on, they offered 60% off, envelopes were included, and they had a huge selection. Shop around because it varies from site to site, type of card, and quality. Remember to factor in postage when looking at cards as well.

                  I had found the perfect card, added the perfect picture, and now for the best message. The Christmas card messages is almost the most important part. It’s the time for your family to shine! I love receiving cards with full family updates and sweet messages. Spread joy with short sayings like, “Joyous wishes to you and yours during this Holiday Season,” “Happy Holidays with love from our family,” or “The Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years!” Again let your personality shine throughout the card and make it from the heart.

-Alix Josey

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