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I know we are the exception here in Texas, but this is beautiful weather to be outside. It is almost sinful to spend these warm sunny days indoors, so I try and find any excuse to be out in the weather. Sunny and in the high 70s low 80s with a bit of humidity, and a light breeze is the recipe for a wonderful run.

Yes, a RUN. I know people who are avid runners, they run marathons, half marathons. They spend their mornings and evenings pounding the pavement and pushing their limits. Myself, I’m a fair-weather runner (if there is such a thing). I literally go through running moods. Parts of the year I could care less about lacing up my tennies and running around my neighborhood. But these parts of the year, there is nothing I rather be doing for exercise.

When you are running you can be so tuned into your body, the amazing things your body can do for you physically. When I run I am not only aware of the amazing things my body can do, but I can be so aware of my thoughts. What is bothering me? What are my goals? Where do I want to visit next? What do I want for dinner? My mind’s inner dialogue is there for me to focus on, spending time with myself for myself. Going for a run also allows me to not think. Sometimes I plug in my headphones listen to my perfectly formed playlist, a podcast, or audiobook. Running then becomes relaxing and almost mindless.

Try setting a goal!

I usually go for distance and try to better my time with each run (I keep up with all these goals with the Nike + Running App). I like running 5ks which is approximately 3.1 miles. I’m not talking signing-up, fighting crowds, and getting up at the crack of dawn. More like marking out my route, going on my normal workout time, and enjoying my me time.

What I also love doing is virtual 5ks. It provides a great opportunity for me to participate in a 5k for a good cause, have the opportunity to receive a medal, and have so much fun with it. iGoPink has a virtual 5k where you literally do a 5k on your own. You don’t even have to run it! You can walk it, skip it, bike it, cartwheel a 5k, however you want. The possibilities are endless when you participate in a virtual 5k. What is also fun is you get to take lots of pics to share on social media. When running the iGoPink Virtual 5k, you may be determined to run the 5k in the pinkest shoes, or with the craziest hair. We love to see how you make the iGoPink Virtual 5k your own, it’s fun for us to see pics of crazy outfits or read stories of runners who challenged themselves to run a 5k a day.

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