Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Dessert

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how is it already Valentine’s Day?  Weren’t we just celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas?  But here we are, mid-February already and dawning upon the day of celebrating love! 

What I love about Valentine’s Day is that it’s a wonderful day to recognize those in your life who you care about the most—this could be your significant other, it could be your child, mom, sister or best friend.  But, the part I don’t like about Valentine’s Day is the fact that we’re picking just one day to put focus on that.  Corny, but true, my husband and I constantly say it’s always Valentine’s Day in our house—we call it our “Us Day”.  Some times only have time for an “Us Hour” but we make Valentine’s more than just one day of the year…it’s merely making the time (not just saying “oh when we’re able to find time”—as none of us seem to ever have enough hours in the day), but we MAKE the time for Us Time. 

This past weekend I was in the kitchen prepping dinner—being that we had one of our “Us At-Home-Date-Nights” this past weekend, I thought I’d whip up a fun and easy dessert that would be great for Valentine’s Day also.  I had all the ingredients in the house—and to top it off, it was super quick to make and more on the healthy side of desserts. 

Stuffed Strawberries & Cream

1 package of cleaned strawberries (cut the stems and a small part of the bottom off to create a base for the berries to stand upright)

¼ c. powdered sugar

½ c. Low-Fat cream cheese

3 Tbsp of milk (I used Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk)

Splash of Vanilla Extract

Hollow out the middle of the strawberries ( learn from me, the first time I tried to ‘hollow out’ the middle of one, it turned into an epic fail.  So my tip, take a sharp thin knife and cut a square in the middle of each one to ‘hollow it out’.)  Combine the other ingredients in a bowl and whisk well until blended together.  Fill the center of the berries with the creamy mixture.  Set in the fridge for about an hour and then top with crumbled graham crackers (and then I had some Sweethearts so I decorated with those).  This was so quick and easy—then I presented it with a glass of prosecco on the side and it was delish! 

So don’t just think of Valentine’s Day being the only time of the year you can get creative and make something special for the one you love.  Simple and quick recipes like this can be a perfect way to go above and beyond on any given night.  Or if cooking isn’t your thing, what about leaving hidden notes to your loved one in their briefcase or in your kids lunchboxes.  (One of our favorites, we use a dry-erase type marker and we’ll leave notes for each other on our coffee mugs, water glasses or wine glass.)  Nothing fancy, just the small things that make people remember that they matter! 

Happy Valentine’s Day—or try making it a Show Your Love Year! 

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