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Since 2005, cancer has become the leading cause of death for people under the age of 85 in America. Cancer now accounts for nearly one in every four deaths in the United States each year. It has also become the single leading cause of death worldwide. But scientific studies suggest that about three fourths of those cancer deaths could be avoided! Statistics show that two thirds of the deaths that occurred in 2010 alone, for example, were related to lifestyle choices such as tobacco use, obesity, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition and therefore could be prevented.

Although mammography is a well-know means of early detection for breast cancer, we constantly are trying to make women aware of both the positives and negatives…and allow each woman to make their own choice.

For years mammography has been seen as ‘the only’ or ‘the leading’ form of breast cancer prevention, however, if you look at all of the statistics regarding mammograms, the “false-positive” reports for breast cancer, run as high at 85% among women under 50.  Think of that, the un-do stress, anticipation, anxious feelings from biopsies and numerous examinations in order to find out months later that it was a false reading.  It takes a hold of a woman’s life: emotionally, financially, the feelings of their family members awaiting these reports.  And then we look at the statistics of the medical world and 85% of these tests are negative/false…that’s a lot for a woman to go through.

So we here at BCCA encourage a woman to understand ALL of her options—especially what each one of us can do to prevent breast cancer through such simple things as our diet (minimizing animal fats and minimizing sugars), exercise (having SOME means of activity, even if it’s from a chair or bed), eliminating the use of tobacco and moderation in the consumption of alcohol and proper balances of vitamins in our systems.  All in all the overall focus on our daily lifestyles and how WE can personally take control breast cancer.  Body, mind and spirit.  Read more.

Vitamin D
At current rates, one-in-two men and one-in-three women will personally be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer will account for the single most-common diagnosis among women. Here’s the good news: we can now prevent nearly 80-percent of all breast cancers. That’s prevent—not early detection or early intervention—but prevention! That is a huge promise. It’s real. It’s vitamin D.

New studies show that Vitamin D plays a larger role than any of us know in the prevention of breast cancer.  This can be achieved via supplements, ample amounts of foods enriched in Vitamin D (salmon, tuna, eggs, orange juice), or regular and safe exposure to midday sun for 15-20 minutes.  We strongly believe and studies show that with regular Vitamin D exposure, breast cancer risks can be significantly decreased.  Please visit: for more information and to understand the reach and make your own decision.  We believe there’s so much we can be doing with this research… today… to prevent this disease.

Sugar & Cancer
In the field of cancer research, there exists a sub-specialty of inquiry with big potential—very big potential.  It is called “cancer metabolism.”  This area of investigation combines cellular physiology and nutrition.  It is an area long over-due for inquiry.  To date, cancer metabolism’s major contribution is to help us understand that cancer cells need more nutrition, more of a specific type of nutrient, in order to survive.  This brings us directly to the issue of glucose, a cancer cell’s preferred nutrient.  Read more.

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