What You May Be Forgetting to Include in Your Wellness Routine

Part of my job as Program Outreach Manager here at The Breast Cancer Charities of America is reviewing applications for the Help Now Fund, a financial assistance program we offer to current breast cancer patients to help with living expenses including rent and utilities. Each patient that applies has the opportunity to “Share their Story,” give us a little more information about themselves. Some ladies let us know about their families, their hardships (especially during this time when they are battling breast cancer), what gets them through, etc.

A couple of months ago, while reviewing Help Now Fund application I came across one of the most unique and uplifting Share Your Story-ies I have read. It was beautiful, a young woman in her late 20’s completely had me enthralled in her words. Allie and I review hundreds and hundreds of applications a month, most of the ladies speaking on how much they need the funds just to get by. It becomes an emotional rollercoaster reading about all these hardships and only able to select a portion. But this 28-year old woman, had a completely different outlook.

Audreana, Help Now Fund Recipient

Audreana, Help Now Fund Recipient

She spoke on an aspect of wellness that we all look for in our day to day lives, but I think we often forget to thoughtfully include in our wellness plan. Having  fun. Keeping your life full of what makes you happy and joyful to overpower the hardship and stresses you may be facing in your days. Audreana, the woman that was gracious to share her story described herself as a, “28-year old, middles sister of three, macramé making, fun-times-having-galore female currently kicking cancer’s butt!” Here she is just getting started on her adult life (like literally in the same life-stage as myself) and she is hit with just a life-altering disease and continues to keep her focus on fun, and happiness, and enjoying everything that is good in this world.

Audreana, just like most of the women we work with daily, is a strong-willed woman who will overcome breast cancer. I’m 100% sure of this, because she lives her life to be mentally well. By defeating the stress that could be overshadowing her health and life with joy and positivity. We can all learn to become more well by following Audreana’s footsteps. What makes you happy? Is it funny dog videos? What do you do for fun? Are you part of a club or social group? Do you enjoy new experiences? By living in a way that allows us to appreciate experiences we are in-turn increasing our wellness.

Alix and Her Sisters, Certified Goof-balls

Alix and Her Sisters, Certified Goof-balls

Audreana enjoys, “festivals, dogs, holiday sweaters, and [her] family.” These things are keeping her well and are healing her from breast cancer. You may nothave a physical illness, but if you are like me you may have stressors in your life that are keeping you from being well. I share with Audreana that I love dogs. But I also really enjoy being extremely goofy with friends and family, traveling to new places, and rollercoasters. Find those things. Always include fun in your wellness routine. Enjoy life and be well 😊

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