Jaime Says Farewell


My internship ended last week and I wanted to take this last chance to say goodbye to my iGoPink family. Thank you for taking me under all of your wings for this past semester. Through the good, the bad, and the time I broke the paper shredder, you guys have been so great. I’m going to miss our monthly funs, the time we spent before 9 drinking coffee talking about our weekends and going to Chick-Fil-A 3+ times a week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to that Spicy Southwest Salad.

I have learned more this semester than in my entire time spent in school. From watching Erica, I learned how to be a confident and professional woman in the workplace. From Tristan, I learned how to give selflessly to every person in your life and to never give up. From Steph, I learned the meaning of true Faith and the importance of family. From Alix, the importance of treating your body right. From Tori, to stay true to my beliefs. Finally from Allie, I learned that when faced with a tough decision to do what is right not what is easy. With all I have learned from you women, I feel like I am now ready to face post-grad life and to start my new career.

Of course, I will be cheering you guys on to continue helping women battling breast cancer. But I also will be cheering you on in your personal life as well. You all deserve to be insanely happy and I hope you are never less than that.  So, with that, I say goodbye and I hope you don’t miss me too much.