How to Style Short Hair

Short Hair, Don’t Care


I recently looked back on old Facebook photos and realized I’ve had short hair for 7 years. What?? No way does it feel like that! I’ve let my hair fully grow down to my mid back about 3 times but I’ve always gone back to my trusty long bob hair style. When I was younger, I always just had my hair straightened. That’s the point of a short hairstyle, right? Simple to keep up with, but still cute. That worked for me up until about 3 years ago, when I just got really tired of the stringy, straight hair look (I have a lot of hair, but it’s very fine so this was literally always the look lol). I was probably the worst person at doing my hair. I didn’t know how to curl it, couldn’t (and still can’t lol) do a braid to save my life, and any up-do was just a category 5 disaster. After countless YouTube videos, and scrolling through Pinterest all day every day, I finally got somewhat ok at doing a few signature styles. I feel very sorry for my daughter, as her hair styles will consist of ponytails, buns, and just straight flat hair lol. Sorry Cami 😊

First, you’re going to need some hair products to achieve any look. My newly found love and favorite hair product brand is the “Not Your Mother’s”. You can find it at almost any grocery or drug store. I did a quick run to Kroger’s a couple months back because I needed dry shampoo and picked the first one I saw. I’ve been fully faithful to this brand ever since.

Whether your hair is growing back after chemotherapy (all my beautiful breast cancer survivor babes out there!) or you just love the no hassle of short hair, these tips are for you! 

Traditional Straight- My natural hair. Sometimes you’ve just got to go natural, you know? This is best achieved when I blow dry my hair straight out of the shower to give it some volume, and then flat iron the bottoms so they’re not flipping out like crazy. This is definitely the easiest look I can do, but maybe not the most elaborate!


Beach Waves– A go to and super simple look that works well for me is the effortless curl look. I have to work to get this look as I was born with straight as a stick hair. It literally cannot hold a curl unless I spray what feels like an entire can of hair spray. To achieve this look, I start off by using a volumizing spray, along with the Beach Babe Texturizing sea salt spray while my hair is still wet.  Blow dry, add a few more sprays of the Beach Babe, and get ALL UP in my hair with the Clean Freak Dry shampoo. Just make sure to massage the dry shampoo into your hair and brush it through or else you’ll be left with white flakey hair (been there, done that. It’s not a pretty look lol) I personally use a wand to curl my hair, but this look can be achieved with straightener also. You want to make sure to grab medium size pieces of hair and wrap the hair backwards around the wand. If you grab small pieces at a time you’ll end up with more of a bouncy, kinky curl. I hold the curl for about 5 seconds and continue this until I’m done. After, I douse my hair in hairspray and run my fingers through it to loosen up the curls. TA-DA! Effortless curls achieved 😊


Half Up Bun– My next go to look is the same as above, just half the work and half the time. Yay! I do this look on my lazy days or when I’m on day 3 of not washing my hair and I have probably 2 bottles of dry shampoo product in my hair. (GASP) Yes, I do not was my hair every day, or even every other day. I usually go 3, sometimes 4 days without washing it. This is probably the simplest look you can get other than just letting you hair air dry. Ready? Two of the easiest steps of your life!

Places your thumbs by your temples, grand and pull up whatever hair is in your hands and tie it into a messy bun. You want to aim for that “I just rolled out of bed but I’m still cute” look. (You could also use bobby pins here to pull the hair back, rather than throwing in the bun.)

Throw a few waves in the bottom part of your hair, hairspray it, and BOOM! All done, girl!

Messy Bun- This is when you’re on your absolute last hair day before it’s time to wash. Throw that hair in a messy bun. This can be a low bun with some wavy bangs hanging down, or a high bun, whatever YOUR style is! There’s honestly no rhyme or reason to this…just go for it.


 & here’s some Pinterest inspiration for ya…

Other than that, I usually run a straightener through my hair, like I said. I’m not a woman of 100 hairstyles because as a working mom, I just don’t have the time. Hope you enjoyed and try out these simple yet cute looks! 😊

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