Healthy and Affordable Meals Can Change your Life!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to eat at your credit card bill also.  At Breast Cancer Charities of America it’s common to hear comments from breast cancer patients of, “I wish I could afford to eat healthy…it’s so expensive.”  Well this week, we’re talking about great ways to eat clean and healthy with affordable meals that won’t break the bank.

One of the best ways to start this off with is remembering WHAT is clean and healthy eating.Vegitable display in a market  Best way we remind folks…shop the perimeter of the store.  Think about it…on the outer edges of the store are where you find the FRESH veggies, the FRESH fruit, the bakery fresh breads (and yes, the ice cream isle too but we’ll forget about that one….everything in moderation is what we say!)  But for the most part the outside walls of your local grocery store have the things that are fresh, aren’t filled with preservatives and are great for your diet.

Next step in this is getting creative in your cooking and planning ahead.  Fresh food may be a few dollars more than the processed/pre-packaged food, but it will most certainly save on your long term medical bills due to your health!  Try planning a weeks worth of healthy meals ahead of time.  Take for example how far (and great tasting) BBQ chicken in the slow cooker can go.

  • Monday:  BBQ Chicken served with corn on the cob and sweet potatoes sprinkled with honey and cayenne pepper
  • Tuesday:  Left over BBQ Chicken shredded up over a romaine lettuce salad topped with black beans, corn, a diced tomato, green onions and cilantro topped with a simple olive oil or balsamic vinaigrette
  • Wednesday:  Left over BBQ Chicken shredded up on top of a whole wheat pizza crust topped with BBQ sauce…add red onion slices, low fat mozzarella cheese, cilantro and even a sprinkle of feta cheese (we promise you won’t have any leftovers!)
  • Thursday: Take any leftover chicken you may have (and freeze in between the time from cooking it to keep it fresh) and have a homemade family taco night.  Purchase from the bakery whole wheat tortillas, top with BBQ chicken, grilled red onions, bell peppers and cheddar cheese and you’ll love what a fun BBQ taco tastes like


Right there…you have four easy, healthy and enjoyable meals for your family….and to top it off, they’re extremely affordable.

Remember, you always have the ability to control what you eat!  We constantly hear the saying “you are what you eat”…so eat healthy!  Eat clean…get your family involved in making smart decisions.  As we constantly say, “eat a plant!”…can’t go wrong there!  Make healthy eating fun and your family will thank you for years to come!


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