Gloria Perry

I was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer in April of 2016. The year was hard, but thankfully I finished my last radiation treatment on December 12th, just in time for the holidays.

After I was diagnosed, I had to change my lifestyle. Some of the biggest changes I had to make was eating healthier, exercising more and to have a different outlook on life. Since my diagnosis, I have learned to cherish the little things in life.

Going through treatment I received the most support from different cancer organizations. They took the time to help me and my family through this ordeal. But, of course, my family and friends were there with me every step of the way. My heart especially goes out to my daughter, Ebony. She gave me the greatest joy and happiness when I was going through my treatment.

When my patient advocate told me about The Breast Cancer Charities of America, I was so happy. They were a lifesaver.

If I had to give any advice it would be this: Keep fighting! Never give up. It’s hard and painful but keep your head up. Having your family there for you makes the process better and easier.

I’m a survivor and I thank God for his grace and mercy.

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