How to Host a Girls Night In

No Boys Allowed

It’s getting cold out there!  Who is up for a night in?  I AM! 

I have wanted to host a girls night for some time.  It just always pans out that we meet at a restaurant!  We have done breakfasts, brunches, lunches, coffee dates, dinners, cocktails, and any reason to meet for dessert in between. There have been Target runs, Whole Foods excursions, and the far too infrequent spa day (hold on while I relive those wonderful days of pampering wrapped in pure magic…. Ahhh The Spa-ness of it all!).  Ok.  I’m back. 

Aside from the mini mental vacation I just took reminiscing about the spa, there is just something about hosting a night in that simply calls to me!  Kicking off your shoes, acting silly, getting cozy on the couch with  good friends and a warm cup of tea has been sounding like absolute heaven to me and just what my group of best gals need! 

Here are the rules:

No Husbands.

No Kids.

No Cell Phones.

Comfy clothes only, save your heels for date night!  The weather is getting chilly so on this night it’s all about ripped jeans, band t’s, yoga pants, and fuzzy socks (kudos to the gal with the most ridiculous pair).

The plan is NO PLAN. This may actually be the hardest part for me!  See, I am a planner by nature.  If you come to my house, I will have cooked or bought a themed spread and created a tablescape just for you! (I know, Im sorry.  It’s a sickness and I should probably seek medical attention for that).  But, not this time!  I’ll stick to the plan.  NO PLAN. 

The world is ours for a few fantastic hours!

My dear iGoPink friends, doesn’t that sound like a slice of heaven?  No plan, just friends coming over to connect and rejuvenate!  I think we could all use some of this deconstructed time in our lives. Too many times we lose chances to connect with friends on this level.  And friends are truly the spice of life!

Planning to meet up for meals and Target runs (more about that later) is fun, don’t get me wrong, but, it lacks the intimacy of opening your home.  Not to mention the mini fortune I have spent on appetizers that looked too good to resist! 

Meeting out for a girls night is another thing to place on the “to do” list and that is something I am desperately trying to avoid this year.  So, plan for no plan with me!  Crumble up your to do list… Invite a few girlfriends over and see where the time leads!

Stock you house with goodies to snack on, know where your playing cards are and make sure Netflix is connected!

Let the giggling begin!

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