6 Ways to Freshen up Your Bedroom

Freshen Up For Spring


It’s Springtime! Who else gets excited to do spring cleaning?  (I’m not joking here, I truly do get excited to spring clean the house/closets and bring on the warmer weather…please don’t tell me I’m the only one!) 

To me, having a clean bedroom is really important.  It’s a retreat at the end of the day. We all spend so much time in our bedrooms, but many times it’s the place that gets piled high with laundry or messy by nature.  In the years of working at The Breast Cancer Charities of America, it’s always been one of my ‘program dreams’ to have a service where we would give breast cancer patients a “Before & After” on their bedrooms…think of it, a patient comes home from surgery or treatment and where do they spend their time to heal?  Their bedroom. 

But whether you’re a breast cancer patient or a working woman or a stay at home mom, having a solitude place to begin and end your day on is a wonderful thing!  Being that interior re-design is one of my favorite hobbies, I’m super excited to share with you all today my six (easy & inexpensive) ways to freshen up your bedroom.  You may have been putting off your bedroom make-over for a while, or always come up with an excuse not to do it…well I’m here today to say, put on some fun music, your creative cap and get ready to have your bedroom look like it came off of HGTV (or, something close to that at least!)

  1. Clean the Clutter- Probably everyone’s least favorite job, but take a look around your room. What all do you see…laundry, paperwork, kid’s toys, water bottles, gym bags, briefcases…I can go on and on.  Clean it up.  Having clutter of any sorts makes us all stressed.  This room is supposed to be an oasis you can relax and rejuvenate in at the end of the day.  Make it be a clutter free zone.
  2. Make Your Bed- Didn’t your mom always tell you to make your bed? Well mine did and there were NO excuses.  But now-a-days, I’m so happy she did!  Having a crisp bed, with pretty pillows and a throw blanket on it, makes it so relaxing to come home to after a busy day.  It takes all of 2 minutes (even with my 10,000 pillows that are on our bed) to make your bed look all pulled together. 
  3. Add a pop of color- Having a theme for your bedroom doesn’t mean you have to cover the entire bedroom in that color.  Try just adding a small pop of your favorite color.  For me, it’s a dark teal…I have a few throw pillows, a candle and some art on the walls, but that’s in.  Doesn’t mean I have to go full-on teal bedspread or painted walls…a little pop of color goes a long way!
  4. Paint an Accent Wall- PAINTING…I love to paint!  It truly is therapy to me and I love painting accent walls in rooms, especially a bedroom.  Take the wall that your headboard is on (or if you don’t have a formal headboard, this is an even better reason to paint that wall to define the space!)  Pick a hue that is a bit darker than the “all-over” wall color.  That accent wall could be anything from a solid color, to stripes.  (Check out the pic of what we did to our daughter’s nursery for her accent wall.) 
  5. Go for White- I used to be the biggest anti-white-linens person in the world. I always said it would get dirty or show EVERYTHING.  Well I’m here to say, it’s probably easier to keep clean as you don’t have to worry about colors running together when you wash it and you know the second that it’s dirty and can get it clean right away.  There’s something fresh about white linens.  Think of your favorite hotel, or when you see a picture of a perfect relaxing spa…they all have crisp white linens.  There’s something about the cleanliness of white that is appealing (and it’s such a great basis for #3 & #4 listed above!) 
  6. Add a Mirror- SUCH an easy way to make a room look bigger than it is. Pick the wall directly across from the window in your bedroom and put a mirror on the wall.  It could be a hanging mirror, a large standing mirror, a round mirror….but a good sized mirror.  The light from the windows will bounce off the mirror making your room appear larger and brighter! 

So there are my six easy and inexpensive ways to freshen up your bedroom.  Get creative…everything from shopping at places like Target (doesn’t have to cost a lot to look a lot); to grabbing a can of spray paint and painting an old piece of furniture or a lamp that needs a face lift.  Freshening up your bedroom is an easy way to start off Spring on the right foot!! 

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