Feeling Beautiful and Sharing the Love

I am not trying to brag, but I feel like I have the best position here at The Breast Cancer Charities of America. Of course, all the ladies that work here do beyond amazing work to serve each and every person we touch, but my job is seeing all that work put together to create the program services we offer.

My exact job title is Program Outreach Manager. I’m not going to bore you with the logistics of my exact job; but I will brief you with some of the greatest aspects of my day. I get the chance to connect all The Breast Cancer Charities of America’s prevention education material to women across the country and to women who may not know that there are lifestyle changes to help in preventing breast cancer. Another great part of my daily work is that I share the resources we offer to those who need it the most. The Breast Cancer Charities of America is beautifully unique in the fact that we offer program services to serve what we like to call the human-side of breast cancer. Don’t get me wrong, the research for a cure is great. But sometimes breast cancer patients need a little something right now. It may be financial assistance through our Help Now Fund to assist with a light bill or rent, or it may be a pick-me-up through our Feeling Beautiful Again program.

Feeling Beautiful Again is one of the “office favorites” with all the girls around here. Feeling Beautiful Again is a program through The Breast Cancer Charities of America that sends beauty bags to breast cancer patients and survivors across the country.

Let me pause right here.

These ladies that receive our Feeling Beautiful Again bags are some of the strongest and most beautiful women across the country. They have a shine and light about them, a fight about them and a huge heart. I have Thank You cards pinned all over my wall from gals who have received a Feeling Beautiful Again bag and each one means so much to me.

If you are not familiar with the program, Feeling Beautiful Again sends out beauty bags filled with cosmetics. Think nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick, blush and eyelash enhancer. Sometimes we have personal care items like hand sanitizer, Kleenex, lotion, and cooling face wipes. We also get jewelry, scarves, blankets and socks. Each bag is unique, different and holds a variety of products. The value of a bag is approximately $100 and like I said, we ship them nationally.

BCCA sends beauty bags to nurses, social workers, support group leaders, churches with a cancer ministry or anyone who may work closely with someone touched by breast cancer. Individuals can also request a beauty bag to be sent directly to their homes (or you can request a beauty bag for someone who you think may benefit from this program service).

Around the office we love getting to see the cute nail polishes or admire all the donated face wipes. We are touched daily by the Thank You notes and survivor stories we receive from ladies. Feeling Beautiful Again is such a touching and rewarding program to organize.

Do you want to get involved with Feeling Beautiful Again? Do you want to send a bag of hope and love to ladies touched by breast cancer?

For more information on Feeling Beautiful Again and how to get involved with Feeling Beautiful Again please visit our webpage http://thebreastcancercharities.org/feelingbeautifulagain/ or email FBA@igopink.org


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