18 01, 2017

Sana’s Story

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I was given the ultimate life changing and devastating news that any daughter could hear. My mother had been diagnosed with stage II B intraductal breast cancer. I received the news from my mother herself. Once I fully comprehended the situation, the ground beneath my feet had been ripped out from under me. Finding out [...]

18 01, 2017

Elise’s Story

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Breast cancer has always been a big part of my life, even before my own diagnosis. My mother was first. In late 2013 my mother submitted for the BRCA-1 testing and the results came back positive. I immediately repeated the test that following January and also tested positive for the mutation. My mother was in [...]

18 01, 2017

Elaine’s Story

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I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 which reoccurred in 2013, then I decided to have a mastectomy. The Breast Cancer Charities of America was there for me, eliminating the worry of paying my living expenses so I could focus on getting well. I feel blessed to have had their support as well [...]

30 12, 2016

Gloria Perry

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I was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer in April of 2016. The year was hard, but thankfully I finished my last radiation treatment on December 12th, just in time for the holidays. After I was diagnosed, I had to change my lifestyle. Some of the biggest changes I had to make was eating healthier, [...]

18 11, 2016

Shanita’s Story

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I was diagnosed in December of 2015. My breast cancer had metastasized to my liver. My primary care doctor referred me to an oncologist. He immediately drew out a plan to help me. I have under gone 5 month of the strongest chemo, have lot 42 pounds and have lost my hair. I had surgery [...]

18 11, 2016

Samantha’s Story

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I truly thought my family & I had been through it all (medically speaking), especially my mom and I. I was born with cleft lip and palate and have spent every summer recovering from one surgery after another. My mom has asthma, a week immune system and just recently had several operations on her foot [...]