11 12, 2017

Jenna’s Story

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I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2006 during my junior year at Texas Tech University. I was only 21 years old, after multiple surgeries and many rounds of chemotherapy I was finally in remission and graduated from college. Fast forward 11 years and I was re-diagnosed with breast cancer in May [...]

30 11, 2017

Jacqueline’s Story

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer on February 6, 2015. But now I am a survivor! Surviving breast cancer has led me to help other women in these same circumstances. I have been blessed with the gift of life, I am married with 3 children and am so lucky to have such a loving and [...]

16 11, 2017

Jen’s Story

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She likes to blog on her site www.anchoredinhope.blog. Her blog talks about the highs and lows of breast cancer and offers tips and recommendations to women with breast cancer.  She also likes to take longs walks and spend time with family and friends.  Jennifer is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas and [...]

9 11, 2017

Rebecca’s Story

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My name is Rebecca and I was diagnosed in August 2015 with Invasive Carcinoma of the Breast. I am originally from northern California and my family made the move to Texas back in 2004 making the Houston area our new home.  I am thankful to have been married to my husband for 32 years and [...]

9 11, 2017

Cheryl’s Story

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I have been married to the love of my life for 35 years.  I have three beautiful daughters and four amazing grandchildren and another granddaughter due in November. Well my story goes that we had just sold our business and took our first vacation as retirees when I found a lump in my left breast, [...]

5 10, 2017

Misty’s Story

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 2/15/17 after finding a lump in my right breast through a self-exam on my 43rd birthday. I am currently completed with my treatments, I had 12 weeks of Taxol Chemotherapy, where I lost all of my hair, and I then went onto 20 Radiation treatments, I will be [...]

5 10, 2017

Kristen’s Story

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I was diagnosed on April 29, 2016 at the age of 32 while I was 25 weeks pregnant with our 4th daughter. I am finally finished with treatments as of August 2017! I have really learned to live life and not be scared of things. To really enjoy the little things, embrace your children, love [...]