About Danielle Conner

Hello there! I am the Programs Assistant at The Breast Cancer Charities of America. Working for BCCA has brought me much joy, knowing I can be a part of helping others who are in need. But outside of work, I am a fitness junky, food lovin’, sunshine addict, crazy cat lady, with a gypsy soul. I love to find new and creative workouts, snuggling with my fur baby Jax, spending a sunny day out in the water (accompanied with an adult beverage) soaking up some vitamin D, and traveling the world.
22 09, 2017

Resistant Band Workouts

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Here at BCCA we stress on the importance of physical activity. Studies show that physically active women decrease their chances of breast cancer at a greater rate than women who are inactive. Physical activity also helps decrease the chances of a recurrence of breast cancer. However, we all know how hard it is to [...]

13 09, 2017


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Can I get an Amen to the weather in Texas finally being reasonable enough to be outside! Since, the weather is now below 100 degrees in Texas, it is time to start planning all the fun outdoor activities we love. My boyfriend and I have recently bought a camper and are so excited to [...]

7 09, 2017

Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

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September is my favorite month of seasonal fruits and vegetables. It just comes with so many nutrient rich and flavorful foods that I look forward to cooking with all year.  Today, I want to talk about some of the September produce I love to indulge in and their health benefits. Apples are extremely rich [...]

25 08, 2017

Family Fitness Friday

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August is National Family Fun month, so today for fitness Friday I want to talk about ways to work out as a family. Sometimes it is hard to get kids nowadays to go outside and be active, especially with your busy work/school/treatment schedule, but children seem to learn by observation from their parents or [...]

16 08, 2017

Healing oils

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Being diagnosed with breast cancer comes along with a lot of unwanted symptoms. Some of which are headaches, stress, sleep problems, pain, and inflammation. Essential oils have been the new and upcoming trend for a natural healing solution. Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds that are found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, and flowers. [...]

25 07, 2017

When Change is Needed

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Sometimes changes are much needed. But in some cases, changes are needed for you due to certain life events. Here at BCCA I get to be directly involved in reviewing and writing survivor stories that are submitted to our office. In these stories, we like to know what different changes survivors and patients make [...]