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Hi there! I'm Allie, the Programs & Volunteer Coordinator here at BCCA. Outside of work, I'm a mom to my wild child, Cami & my fur baby Jax. I'm also an aspiring Pinterest chef, dedicated watcher of The Office, and make up junkie.
18 09, 2017

When life and seasons change

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The seasons are (slightly lol) changing here in Texas and as I look back its neat to see how much I’ve changed along with them. December is fast approaching and it’ll mark my 1-year anniversary with BCCA, the job I was so blessed to have stumbled upon. Boy, time has flown! I can honestly [...]

6 09, 2017

Fall Statement Pieces

By | 2017-09-06T09:57:43+00:00 September 6th, 2017|Inspiration|Comments Off on Fall Statement Pieces

September is here which means fall is finally here! My favorite season of the year! Even though technically it doesn’t really turn fall here in our part of Texas. While most states are lowering into cooler temperatures, good ole’ south Texas is still and will continue to sit up in the high 90’s with [...]

31 08, 2017

Food from the heart

By | 2017-08-30T22:41:12+00:00 August 31st, 2017|Inspiration|Comments Off on Food from the heart

Our home sweet home, Our beautiful city. This past week our city, Houston and surrounding cities, came face to face with one of the most catastrophic floods Texas has seen in over a decade. While so many of us have been truly blessed to have minimal or no damage, my heart hurts for the [...]

14 08, 2017

Adulting 101: Time Management

By | 2017-08-14T09:36:20+00:00 August 14th, 2017|Style|Comments Off on Adulting 101: Time Management

YAWN.. Are any of you like me? Where you wake up in the morning and feel like you are constantly going all day long until you lay down for bed? It’s tiring, not just physically but mentally. 3 pm hits every day and I’m ready to pull my blanket and pillow out and take [...]

8 08, 2017

Refresh Your Skincare Routine

By | 2017-08-08T07:26:28+00:00 August 8th, 2017|Wellness|Comments Off on Refresh Your Skincare Routine

For those of you who have read previous blogs of mine where I talk about skin products, you’ll know I am slightly obsessed with how to keep my skin as clear and smooth as a baby’s bottom. I’ve recently been getting more into natural beauty products and being more aware of what I’m putting [...]

18 07, 2017

Budgeting for Beginners

By | 2017-07-18T09:23:33+00:00 July 18th, 2017|Inspiration|Comments Off on Budgeting for Beginners

Save. Save. Save. The majority of us have heard it time and again. Save for your future, save for a home, save for those unexpected moments that life loves to throw at us at the most inconvenient times. Once I got old enough to understand that currency was key in the world, I was [...]

13 07, 2017

The Best of Bell Peppers Two Easy + Delicious Recipes to Whip Up Tonight!

By | 2017-07-13T09:14:01+00:00 July 13th, 2017|Recipes|Comments Off on The Best of Bell Peppers Two Easy + Delicious Recipes to Whip Up Tonight!

All throughout my childhood I was the absolute pickiest eater. I didn’t want anything unless it was chicken nuggets, PB&J or chocolate milk. Healthy diet, right? As I grew older my taste buds changed and I finally decided to incorporate healthier foods into my diet. I vowed I would never eat tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, [...]

3 07, 2017

Heartbreaks in different shapes and sizes

By | 2017-07-03T03:33:30+00:00 July 3rd, 2017|Inspiration|1 Comment

Can you think back to your first crush? Your first boyfriend or girlfriend? The first person you thought you’d love forever? Now, look at far we’ve come. In that moment of time, you thought you’d never be over it. Days, weeks, months and years went by and you’re still chugging along in life, right? [...]

28 06, 2017

Dining out(side)

By | 2017-06-28T23:17:47+00:00 June 28th, 2017|Style|Comments Off on Dining out(side)

As of June 21st, summer is officially here! Texas is H O T, but I love being outside. Whether at the pool, taking my little one to the park or just laying out and enjoying the sun. You develop a nice sun kissed tan and get to enjoy nature. what’s better than that?! Before we [...]