Advice to a New Mom

Calling All New Moms

We’ve asked some of our mamas around the office what advice they would give a new mom. Check it out!


As a new first time mom, the piece of advise I’d give a new mother is to keep calm—the rough nights/situations shall pass.  In the first 3 weeks of having our newborn, I literally was sleeping a total of probably 3 hours a day.  I didn’t take time off from work (worked from home) and some days I wondered how I was going to keep my sanity and truly pull off this mom thing. 

Our little gal would cry for no reason–we had changed her, fed her, played with her, rocked her, she had napped…and nothing would work.  She would be up ALL NIGHT LONG (confusing the days with nights) and left me beyond exhausted which impacted everything I did: from my relationship with my husband and family, to my work, and even just getting myself put together.  People would tell me, “oh this is a phase, it’ll pass”.  Well when you’re on the second hour straight of non stop crying, for the 10th night in a row, you truly don’t believe that it will pass. 

But now, with a 2 month old in hand, I can say it does get better.  It’s not that there’s a ‘bad’ part of being a new mom, but it is NOT for the weak at heart.  The first month or so is truly one of the most challenging times…there are so many firsts and so many new things to get you, your family and your baby acclimated to.  But stay calm, on those nights when you think you’re totally going to lose it (been there–more than once) and that you’re going to be the one completely in tears beside yourself, the difficult newborn items do improve; your baby will get on a schedule (sort-of) and you will get some sleep again!    

-Erica, mom of 1 baby girl (2 months)


So, what can I tell you about being a mother that I think you should know? Let the fun begin!

I hope you don’t have a weak stomach; be prepared to be pooped on, peed on, puked on, slobbered on, snotted on, cried on, smeared with food and sprayed with milk! You will never be clean again and wearing anything white is completely out of the question!!

If you thought you were a clean freak before, well you will be even worse now. Babies will eat anything! Seriously, like anything!!!

Next, enjoy showering, eating, sleeping, peeing alone, pooping alone, having any time to yourself or with your spouse, because it is not going to happen again for a very lonnnnnnng time. Your life is no longer about you; it is all about that tiny little human that you have brought into this world. Be prepared to work hard anddddd, well that’s it, work hard. If you liked buying things for yourself, well it’s over. From now on, your priorities have changed. You will worry constantly but not for yourself. You will pray constantly, but not for yourself. You will work constantly, but not for yourself. You will live, but not for yourself!!

To make a long story short, your life no longer belongs to you. You are tired, sometimes even overwhelmed. You’re dirty half the time and your clothes are now stained. Multi-tasking has never been so important and alone time no longer exists. BUT, the look on that child’s face when you walk through the door, the kisses you get at night after a long day, that smile lights your heart with so much joy and the abundance of love that you receive, is worth every single moment of frustration and worry. I would not change it for anything in the world.

-Steph, mom of 7 (yes, SEVEN) kids


Babies are resilient. Don’t be too hard on yourself.  When my kids were babies, I was way to hard on myself.  I “thought” I needed to be perfect.  In all honestly, there is no perfect; all of us are just trying to survive.  When I put so much pressure on myself to be a certain way or do a certain thing… I missed out on the beauty of the moment.  If I could impart any tiny bit of advice to a new mom, it would be:  Go easy on yourself (finally feeding yourself reheated frozen pancakes at 3pm is a fantastic lunch).  There is no perfect!  No one has it right! 

Above all, try to find beauty in the chaos!  After all, your little one only cares if he/she is loved, warm, happy, fed, and has a dry diaper.  All the rest… is the small stuff.  (Oh… and take pictures!  The “imperfections” make the best memories!)

-Tristan, mom of 2 (ages 9 & 5)


Get ready to give love a whole new meaning. Get ready to sit in your child’s bedroom floor, going through clothes they’ve outgrown and bawling like a baby while your husband looks at you like you’re a crazy woman. Haha!

At times, I think to myself, how am I even responsible for this little human being? when some days I can barely conjure up the strength to get out of bed and be a normal, social person.

Being a mom is an overwhelming job. Being a mom is also the absolute best experience and the greatest title you’ll ever hold, whether you think so or not.  My one piece of advice is just take a step back, and breath.

Whether your kid is screaming at the of their lungs and you feel like you’re going to pull your hair out, or blissfully playing in their bubble bath and your heart feels like it could literally explode with love.

Whether they’ve bombed their diaper with a mess you didn’t even know a little baby was capable of producing, or they fall asleep on your chest and you want to cry at how absolutely perfect they look.

Time flies so fast, and it’s scary. Before you know it your kids will be in school, in sports, making friends.. Growing up. It’s such a bittersweet feeling, to watch your creation grow into their own person.  

Step back, breath and appreciate every bit, Good and bad.

-Allie, mom of 1 little girl (18 months)


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