28 05, 2014

Healthy and Affordable Meals Can Change your Life!

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Eating healthy doesn't have to eat at your credit card bill also.  At Breast Cancer Charities of America it’s common to hear comments from breast cancer patients of, “I wish I could afford to eat healthy…it’s so expensive.”  Well this week, we’re talking about great ways to eat clean and healthy with affordable meals that [...]

21 05, 2014

The 10 Most Cancer Causing Foods

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The statement “everything causes cancer” has become a popular hyperbole, and one that some people use as rhetorical fodder to excuse their own dietary and lifestyle failures, particularly as they pertain to cancer risk. But the truth of the matter is that many common food items have, indeed, been scientifically shown to increase cancer risk, [...]

14 05, 2014

Whole Grains: Weed Out Imposter Ingredients

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Want to curb your risk of cancer and other diseases? Eating whole grains with every meal can help. That’s because whole grains are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals and natural plant compounds. These compounds help protect your cells from damage that can lead to cancer. Added bonus: the fiber found in whole grains helps you [...]

6 05, 2014

10 Ways to Get Your Daily Vitamin D

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Here at The Breast Cancer Charities of America, we love to educate on breast cancer prevention. One fact that we tell women is researchers have found that women, who are vitamin D deficient, have a 222% increased risk for developing breast cancer.  It's important to get your daily dose of vitamin D, so here are 10 ways [...]

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