29 06, 2012

Q&A 4 Her – Erica Tullis, Executive Director

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When Erica Tullis‘ father was given a ‘30 days to live’ cancer diagnosis nearly 25 years ago, finding the connection between health, lifestyle and cancer became her primary focus. After seeing her father overcome the odds and continue to live a healthy, cancer-free lifestyle to this day, Erica was further motivated to help all people [...]

29 06, 2012

3 Questions for Erica Tullis

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By Kristen Henning Erica Tullis is aiming to make her mark on the footwear industry. Tullis, who founded The Breast Cancer Charities of America in 2009, now works with fashion brands as part of her company’s iGoPink: Fashion Fights Breast Cancer initiative. “Every woman [going through treatment] wants to feel beautiful, and something as simple [...]

27 06, 2012

Deep Breathing

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Deep breathing is a truly essential exercise that benefits overall health. Deep breathing is known to take away our stress and help us to relax. Deep breathing is also a natural painkiller. When you practice deep breathing your body releases endorphins throughout. If you take a few moments each day to try deep breathing exercises, [...]

25 06, 2012

Crafts For The Cure

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All ladies enjoy crafts. Why not make something special to brighten up someone’s day in the hospital or to bring breast cancer awareness to others? Brighten Someone’s Day Make a card. You can go to any store and get cute butterfly stickers or items to make flowers like the gorgeous daffodils in this example. Be [...]

21 06, 2012

The Nude Face

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The makeup trend going strong this year is the nude face. Of course, this does not mean absolutely without any makeup. What would be the fun in that? Throw on some peachy lips and peachy cream blush with a touch of brown mascara on the lashes. Any skin tone can rock the nude face. Remember, [...]

13 06, 2012

Yoga Boosting Recovery for Breast Cancer Patients

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Mind and Body Balance goes hand-in-hand for breast cancer patients. The MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas found that women who used mediation and practiced yoga had a better attitude and lower stress, therefore, leading to overall better health! The study continues to show that yoga and meditation can be a key [...]